Wednesday, December 1, 2021

This is Whom You Trust Your Child To.

Any doctor has got to pass muster when you decide to let them help your child. That is just logical. It doesn’t matter if it is physical or emotional…trust is tantamount. My mug is all over my website so you can see for yourself I won’t bite!

As far as my credentials go, you will be able to read my biography and know that more than 40 years ago I received my PHD in clinical psychology. Currently, I have a private practice in New Jersey and New York, headquartered in Mountainside, NJ. I also have worked and done consulting for many and varied child care agencies.

As we head into 2022 there are many challenges to your children’s mental and emotional health that we never dreamed of as this decade dawned. I hope you will trust me with your child’s emotional growth in the year to come. Call me anytime at (908) 217-8106 and you can read about my philosophy at

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

It is a relatively new term in child psychology as we learn more and more about our youth. These days we conveniently use the term he or she is “on the spectrum.” To say that types of ASDs can vary in severity is a bit like saying your cold can vary in severity. No matter what, as a parent you want to get your arms around it NOW!

New York/New Jersey child psychologist, Dr. Steven Sussman, advises that you look for these signs –

1.  Interaction with other kids is erratic.

2.  Your child has difficulty expressing emotion.

3.  They may have problems with the spoken word.

4.  Has your child been resistant to any changes or things out of place?

5.  You will notice that their eye contact is very poor.

Of course, there are many other signs that your kid is on the spectrum. Dr. Steven Sussman has spent years helping moms and dads in New York and New Jersey with issues such as ASD. Why not call Dr. Steve at his Mountainside, NJ office at (908) 217-8106 and discuss your particular situation? You will learn a great deal at

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Motivating the Unmotivated.

It is a problem that hundreds of thousands of parents face in the New York/New Jersey area. We have had an isolation period that will hopefully never be repeated. Now it is time to “get back in the game” as a highly motivated school aged person with much to contribute. Mountainside, New Jersey child psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman may be able to help.

Here are some strategies Dr. Steve may employ –

1.  Finding out your child’s interests and sharing in their joy.

2.  Never forgetting that they want to succeed as much as YOU want them to.

3.  Avoid the tired, old ra ra talk.

4.  Above all he remembers that “kids will be kids.”

New York child psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman has some unique and proven methods to help your child become more motivated. See for yourself by visiting a website that may change your views on child psychology… Give Dr. Sussman a call anytime at (908) 217-8106.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Gee…Tough Crowd.

The words of the late comic Rodney Dangerfield echo in our ears. The toughest crowd of all is probably your recalcitrant early teenager. Few would disagree that 12-15 year old kids are the toughest, most obstinate crowd of all. Dr. Steven Sussman, a renowned child psychologist in the New York City area, has helped with this age segment for decades.

Dr. Sussman has some unique tricks up his sleeve. Strategies such as laughter, risk-taking, and unique ideas work well with the teenage brain. He makes these elements work for him by incorporating some of the techniques and rhythms of stand-up comedy into his teachings.

Ask Dr. Steven Sussman yourself by calling him at his Mountainside, NJ. office. He will help you navigate a path toward teaching your “tween” better social skills. Here is the best phone number you may have received in a very long time, (908) 217-8106. For some enlightening background about this New York/New Jersey child psychologist look at

Monday, October 4, 2021

Kids Do Not All Learn at the Same Pace.

You don’t need to be hit over the head with a sledgehammer to know that. They are all unique individuals wired differently. Students with high academic abilities learn quickly and retain most of the skills they learn. Academically less able students, for a variety of reasons, learn more slowly than high achievers.

Let us take a group of fifth and sixth graders for example. If you build a foundation of skills and challenges, they might have difficulty making application of information in other situations. In many cases, they have developed excellent abilities, but overcoming the factors that contribute to their learning difficulties have not been successfully addressed.

Dr. Steven Sussman, a noted child psychologist serving the Metropolitan area, is here to help. He has seen just about every behavior disorder in kids for 30 years. Why not give Dr. Sussman a call at his Mountainside, NJ office at (908) 217-8106 and discuss your child’s particular situation? For more information about Dr. Steve please visit

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

One of Life’s Toughest Challenges…Being a Single Dad.

Could there be a more challenging assignment for a man than to become a new single dad with children at home? I can’t imagine! It does not matter if you have lost a spouse due to death, abandonment, divorce, or whatever, the transition is daunting. Let me help. I am a New York/New Jersey area child psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman.

Here are some tips –


1.  Establish regular routines.

2.  If you are a dad with a daughter, help her find good female role models.

3.  Dole out household chores.

There are many more scenarios of course, and there will be a certain amount of “testing the boundaries” to be sure. My name again, is Dr. Steven Sussman and I have been practicing from my office in Mountainside, NJ for 30 years. Please let me help you through this trying time. Virtual sessions are now available. My phone number is (908) 217-8106 and my website is

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

How Much Hyperactivity is Normal?

If your child is hyperactive, it could be simply because they're just a kid. It is perfectly normal for children of all ages to have lots of energy…we would like to capture a modicum of that for ourselves! Dr. Steven Sussman, a noted child psychologist in the New York area, may help you define the difference between normal hyperactivity and ADHD in your child.

Here are some of the signs to look for with ADHD –

1.  Do they seem to be ALWAYS interrupting?

2.  Does your child have a great deal of difficulty following instructions?

3.  Are they constantly impatient?

4.  Do they seem to be speaking loudly out of turn?

There may be a fine line between normal child hyperactivity and a true case of ADHD. Mountainside, NJ child psychologist, Dr. Steven Sussman will help you determine where your kid stands on that “fine line.” Call Dr. Steven Sussman to discuss your child at (908) 217-8106. His impressive credentials are chronicled at