Friday, June 4, 2021

Are We Empowering Everyone?

Children need to develop their inner confidence, courage, and personal strength to feel like they can achieve their full potential. To successfully transition into the adult world, the key to helping students realize and harness their potential is empowerment. That is why I am a phone call away. My name is Dr. Steven Sussman, a renowned child psychologist serving New York and New Jersey.

To put this into simpler terms, empowerment means guiding your child in a manner that encourages their belief in their own abilities AND their potential for positive growth. This is the time that they need to rely on their inner strength as well as their sense of self-belief to meet and overcome the myriad of difficulties they face.

I have seen various types of reticence in my fifty years of helping kids in the Tri-State area. Empowerment is a relatively new term in the 21st century. We learn and grow with the times. Please call me at my Mountainside, NJ office…Dr. Steven Sussman child psychologist at (908) 217-8106. Visit for more information.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Please Check with Me First about Potential Insurance Coverage.

It is trite to say that the Pandemic has affected us in extraordinary ways. During it, I am only able to accept Horizon Blue Cross of NJ health insurance as well as welcoming any Medicaid recipients. The times they are a changin’. Please check with me today as to which plans I may be accepting.

As a licensed and renowned child psychologist serving New Jersey and Metropolitan New York I have been working with kids successfully for decades. It is perhaps more important to get a handle on childhood behavior than it has ever been, so let’s work together to help your children!

If you don’t already know me, my name is Dr. Steven Sussman, a child psychologist practicing out of Mountainside, NJ. I want to get back to practicing throughout the Tri-State area, so look me up first to see if I am right for your family at Then, please call me at this phone number (908) 217-8106.

Friday, May 14, 2021

A Pandemic Hypothetical.

Let’s say you have a child about seven or eight years old in the New York area. You have noticed that during the pandemic he has gotten angrier to the point where he or she yells at you if they don’t get their way. Will that worsen when surrounded by kids their own age?

Anger and the acting out of said is NOT a fast and firm scenario that can be ameliorated by the wave of a hand! We need to get to the root cause of their anger. Here is a quick tip…As a New York area child psychologist I have observed that your child may or may not be angry because of your treatment. In my experience, parents sometimes grow the anger by their reaction to it.

Now that the problem has manifested itself, it is time to return to “normal.” That means we should have a talk. My name is Dr. Steven Sussman a noted child psychologist serving the Metropolitan area from my office located in Mountainside, NJ. Please take a look at my website and call me for a consultation at (908) 217-8106.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Seeing is Understanding.

For a moment I will explain ODD then I will direct you to my website to learn more. My name is Dr. Steven Sussman a nationally known child psychologist serving the New York/New Jersey area. ODD can be complicated for you as a parent and is a recent diagnosis of our understanding of children in America.

If your child is obstinate and at times downright unlikable, they may be suffering from ODD. Because schools have always concentrated on reading and memorizing this may not properly address this malady. I have a singular goal of teaching your kid(s) the proper skills and increased maturity so that soon they will eliminate this label of ODD.

Now for the other part that I promised you. My website has an ODD tab. Please click on that and read my letter entitled The Shutdown Learner. This will give you greater insight. When you are ready please call me…child psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman at my office located in Mountainside, NJ at (908) 217-8106 to arrange a free consultation.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Breaking the Daily Routine.

I know that the pandemic has disrupted nearly everyone’s life. What has it done to your school-aged kids? Just like us, anxiety during this period would be expected and, in fact, is a normal response. Take it from me…child psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman, children’s adjustment to a new school schedule, whether it’s remote or otherwise, could vary a great deal based on age and your child’s individual personality or temperament.

In younger kids for example, psychological distress might manifest itself in new or worsening behavioral problems. They may have difficulty with symptoms such as aches and pains or changes in sleep or appetite. Even your older kids may also experience somatic symptoms, as fear, nervousness, stress, and irritability.

If you live in the New Jersey area, I don’t have to tell you that we have been hit particularly hard. The end of this trial will come (very soon, I hope). Let me help you find a “new norm” with your school-aged kids. My name is Dr. Steven Sussman. Please call me at my office in Mountainside, NJ at (908) 217-8106 and visit me online at

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

I Have Been Described as Special and Unique.

In this case, I am very proud of that moniker. My name is Dr. Steven Sussman, an adolescent Psychologist located in Mountainside, NJ. and serving the greater New York Metropolitan area. One reviewer said "We all know that our children are special and unique. Therefore, it would make sense for us to find a therapist for our child (and adolescent) who has the same qualities.”

Another review of my work with adolescents put it this way, ”Dr Steve (sic) approach towards behavioral therapy is a refreshing change in the era where everything is unnecessarily complicated.” Reducing or eliminating the complicated part is one of my main mantras. Why not talk to kids on an equal playing field?

To say we have been through a tough period would be the world’s greatest understatement, but when we completely emerge from this challenging time, we will still need to raise our kids to adulthood and make responsible choices for the future. I hope you will allow me to help you through this journey. Visit my website at

Monday, March 1, 2021

ASD…On the Spectrum.

This is what we used to refer to as autism or (less sensitively in the past) mental retardation. Many things have changed over the years and what was once thought of a certain way now takes on a whole new meaning. Take ASD for example. It is really very simple. It applies to children who lack the insight into how to understand and simply get along with others, but it may surprise you to know that many ASD kids can have well above average IQs!

What this leads to is depression and wanting to just be left alone. The obvious happens next…they are completely rejected by their peers and bullied. We all know what bullying can lead to and we must do everything in our power to address it! Every child is unique…especially yours when it comes to tackling these issues.

If you suspect that your child may be suffering from ASD please call me for a consultation. My name is Dr. Steven Sussman, a child psychologist who has seen the world change over the last several decades and devoted his life to NYC area kids. Please, let us talk about your children. Just give me a call at (908) 217-8106 and visit online.