Monday, August 15, 2022

Class Size May Create More Challenges.

Studies show that as the size of your kid’s class increases, his or her chances of getting the individual attention they may need decreases. Schools understand that increasing the size of each class is a quick way to maximize savings. New York/New Jersey child psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman understands that as much as anyone.

Especially now, it is important to analyze how class size impacts behavior and learning. Every student is hoping for one thing…to be able to learn without fear of violence in the school setting. Can you believe that even needs to be mentioned? Well, it does.

Dr. Steven Sussman has seen a great deal in his decades of work with school-aged kids in the NYC Metro. No one has seen anything quite like this! Let’s talk. Dr. Steve is a phone call away to discuss your child’s particular situation. Just call (908) 217-8106. The full story on this effective child psychologist is found at

Monday, August 1, 2022

A New School Year and a Brand New Set of Challenges.

Never before have so many variables been a part of back to school. When you factor in the recent Pandemic with the frequency of school shootings, we all have challenges that we have never faced at this time of year. Child psychologist, Dr. Steven Sussman, may be able to help you navigate these troubled waters if you live in New York/New Jersey.

A changing social climate may have a large impact on students, teachers, and whole families alike. Whether that impact is positive or negative is the job we must tackle NOW! Dr. Steven Sussman is someone who is ready, willing, and able to help you manage what seems to be an exceedingly difficult situation.

Dr. Steven Sussman, a child psychologist for decades, has an office in Mountainside, NJ. It all starts with a phone call to Dr. Steve at (908) 217-8106. One conversation could begin the process of healing and helping from everything that is happening in this ever-changing world. What a resume! See what he is all about at

Friday, July 15, 2022

Destiny’s Child.

No, not the Beyonce musical group…what is the destiny of today’s child living in the New York/New Jersey area? A common complaint from parents is their children are far from participatory, so their kid (and the ones they know) who negotiates life within a family, school, and society sounds a little bit outdated.

Is that the case, or are the methods we are using to communicate with today’s child not so much outdated as they are filled with our own adult bias? Dr. Steven Sussman, a child psychologist in Mountainside, NJ, wants to help you talk to your kids in a way they not only understand, but embrace!

Dr. Sussman has ideas that you should hear. Maybe you will raise an eyebrow when you hear about Dr. Steve’s methods. The truth is…if you are becoming exasperated by your kid’s behavior at least make a call to NY/NJ child psychologist Dr. Steven Sussman at (908) 217-8106. His full story can be seen at