Monday, April 16, 2018

Strength in Numbers.

When people gather together great things may come of it.  Many people make the mistaken assumption that individual child therapy is the right choice because it focuses on one child at a time rather than diverting any of the attention to the group.  That type of thinking may be convoluted for your particular situation!

So, why is group therapy preferable for many children?  When do kids seem to be most at ease? Perhaps in the classroom, on the athletic field, in a band or chorus, maybe scouting?  By using group therapy, your child will learn and grow from hearing the experiences of others.  That is what AA Meetings do for adults.

Dr. Steven Sussman believes in children’s group therapy for many of his patients.  If you reside in New York City or New Jersey you and your kid have a friend and compassionate listener in Dr. Sussman.  You won’t know until you call for an appointment at his Staten Island or Mountainside office.  That number is (908) 217-8106.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Humor and Song Work!

We have all heard that the more we laugh and sing, the better we feel.  How does that apply to therapy for kids?  Did you know that the trend these days used by learned professionals is that Hip Hop has become a promising new trend in the treatment of troubled youths?  I know, we Gen X’rs and Baby Boomers gasp at the very thought!

A growing body of research suggests that those who live in violence-stricken communities are subject to post-traumatic stress at much higher rates.  New York/New Jersey is certainly no exception.  The inclusion of hip hop music could help start a dialogue between client and therapist through a vocabulary and framework comfortable for both.

The key to successful child therapy is staying not only “on the curve”, but seeing what is on the other side of it as well.  That is why Dr. Steven Sussman has been a noted child therapist in Staten Island and Mountainside NJ for decades.  He may have the answers you seek for your kid.  Give him a call to arrange a consultation at either office (908) 217-8106.

Yankees 2018 Promotional and Giveaway Schedule

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Friday, March 16, 2018

How Prevalent is ASD?

We are bombarded by acronyms these days.  ASD is not (but should be) one of the more well-known.  It stands for Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Let’s just take one segment of the U.S. population…8 year olds.  About how many of them would you expect to have ASD?  Nearly one in three!  Are you surprised?

Sadly, unlike many other childhood diseases this one is on the INCREASE.  This is all about how kids relate to others in a variety of social situations.  If not properly addressed, a young person could be headed for a life of deep depression as well as isolation.  That might not only affect them, but everyone with whom they interact.

This is something that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Who better to do it than ASD specialist Dr. Steven Sussman?  He will help your child integrate into a group setting and work on that ASD to help them become more sociable.  Very little could be more important in this age of so much non-verbal communication.  Call Dr. Sussman for an appointment at his New Jersey or Staten Island office today.  That number is (908) 217-8106.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Let’s Hear from the Adults.

The kids who work with Dr. Steven Sussman in group therapy may not realize the life-changing skills they have been given.  Some are stubborn, some are even a little combative at first, but eventually they will come away from these sessions as better people thanks to the decades of children’s therapy provided by Dr. Sussman.

Here is what adults are saying about his work.  “His sense of humor really gets kids to open up”.  “My kid is looking forward to the session tonight.  He really is thankful for your help”.  “Now that I am in college I thank you for pushing me toward better grades while I was in high school.  I am going for my undergraduate degree in mathematics”.

So many young adults have become better people because of the tireless work of Dr. Steven Sussman.  Is he an answer to your child’s behavioral issues?  You won’t know unless and until you reach out to him.  If you live near Mountainside, NJ or Staten Island arrange an office visit by calling one simple phone number (908) 217-8106

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